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How Does Exercise and Strength Training Fit into Your Personal Health Journey?

 Empwr’s founder - Coach Rich Thaw - talks about how to think about training along your personal health journey, no matter your starting point, nor the obstacles you may face along the way.  Here is our chat!
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What is Intermittent Fasting, and Does it Work?

Today, my fellow healthy body WORSHIPPERS, let’s delve into intermittent fasting and find out if there is any real SCIENCE behind it, and what that science says about intermittent fasting and its effects on our healthy bodies!
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Let's Talk About Sugar

There’s so much confusion... What types of sugar are actually ok to eat? What types are really bad? Iany sugar ok?? Does it light up your brain like cocaine? There seem to be so many conflicting reports from so many sources, it’s hard to keep everything straight…
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If life gives you lemons, you can make lemonade… or you can make superfood smoothies!

Andrea Chamandy and Andrew Battah, the creators of SmoothiesGo. The young newlywed couple were in the prime of their lives when they were totally thrown for a loop....

From chaos and cancer to control and creating a company: The origins of SmoothiesGo

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The perfect fast food for super-busy lifestyles

Late nights, early mornings, deadlines, work-outs, school, commitments, errands, events… Life can be crazily busy, and it’s not always easy to make time to eat well and take care of your health.
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Why blending is better than juicing

People ask why we make smoothies rather than juices. The answer is simple: if you want ALL THE NUTRITION healthy foods can offer, you need WHOLE FOODS rather than pressed juices, purees, and extracts—and at SmoothiesGo, we give you nothing but the best! And- blending is best!
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Today's Entrepreneur FL Fuller Landau CJAD

Andrea Chamandy and Andrew Battah the founders of SmoothiesGo share their background story in addition to the challenges and opportunities of starting a business in today’s new social media economy. Today's Entrepreneur Radio interview by CJAD radio host Josh Miller of Fuller Landau. 
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Smoothie Subscriptions in Canada - Carmy Blog

Are you looking for a convenient way to add more fruits and vegetables in your diet? Why not try a smoothie subscription so smoothies packed with fruits and vegetables are delivered straight to your door?
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CTV News Weekend Bite: SmoothiesGo Smoothies at your door

CTV News Weekend Bite: SmoothiesGo Smoothies at your door. TV Interview with SmoothiesGo founders Andrea Chamandy and Andrew Battah. SmoothiesGo.com is a service that delivers nutritionist-approved, ready-to-blend smoothies to your door or office...
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Your Smoothie To Go: SmoothiesGo -FitFatale

There is nothing I love more than a company that has a great product, foundation for health and wellness and a great story. When I first started writing about companies on my blog it was always about “the story”. I didn’t have as strong of a common message as health, so with happiness being the underlying tone to the content I focused on who was behind every brand and how it brought the world to a better reality. After all, changing anything on a bigger scale comes from the route of where it all started, that one person’s story.
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ROGERS TV - SmoothiesGo delivered to your door!

Andrea Chamandy explains how a successful battle with breast cancer led to the start of SmoothiesGo - providing pre-portioned ready-to-blend frozen ingredient kits for healthy, nutrient-rich make-at-home smoothies.
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