People ask why we make smoothies rather than juices. The answer is simple: if you want ALL THE NUTRITION healthy foods can offer, you need WHOLE FOODS rather than pressed juices, purees, and extracts—and at SmoothiesGo, we give you nothing but the best! And- blending is best!

Here are a few more reasons your SmoothiesGo smoothies are so much better than juice:

  1.  DRINK MORE NUTRIENTS! When you extract juice from an ingredient rather than ingredient in its pure, whole form, you lose pulp and fibre, along with the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are found in that fibre. We want to give you as many nutrients as we possibly can, so we provide you with nothing but whole, natural ingredients with ALL of their nutritional benefits. 
  2. ACHIEVE AND MAINTAIN A HEALTHY WEIGHT! In addition to giving you a big boost of nutrients, fibre makes you feel fuller and satisfied for longer, and it also helps with digestion and keeping you feeling great.
  3. STABILIZE YOUR BLOOD SUGARS AND REDUCE HUNGER PANGS! The sugars in juices can make your blood sugar levels spike and then crash, leaving you feeling famished and weak. The fibre in smoothies slows the absorption of sugars into your bloodstream, so smoothies will give you the same quick energy that a fruits or vegetable juice can, but without any drop in energy: because we keep all of the fibre in our ingredients, there’s no sugar spike, and no crash. Just whole foods for the whole benefit.   
  4. STABILIZE YOUR CHOLESTEROL, TOO! The soluble fibre found in ingredients like oatsflaxseedsavocadossweet potatoesfigscarrots, and apples–all of which can be found in SmoothiesGo smoothies!–lowers your LDL or “bad” cholesterol levels. Studies also show that high-fibre foods may have other heart-health benefits, like reducing blood pressure and inflammation, and even reducing your risk of death form cardiovascular disease and cancers. 
  5. CHOOSE FROM A HUGE SELECTION OF HEALTHY, WHOLESOME INGREDIENTS! SmoothiesGo smoothies include ingredients that simply can’t be juiced, to give you the VERY BEST NUTRITION; we put a major focus on healthy fats and proteins. Taste the amazing difference of a SmoothiesGo smoothie that includes avocadonutsseeds, our own home-made coconut milk, and a wide variety of amazingly nutritious superfoods. They’re just great – and they’re great for you!  




Cheers! Enjoy your SmoothiesGo– and here’s to your GOOD HEALTH!


Andrea, Andrew, and the WHOLE (-food!) SmoothiesGo Team