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February 14, 2020 1 min read

My fellow healthy body WORSHIPPERS, I talked with Empwr’s founder - Coach Rich Thaw - about how to think about training along your personal health journey, no matter your starting point, nor the obstacles you may face along the way.  


What does Successful Training Mean to You?

In the video, Rich and I talk about our workout philosophy, and what “successful” training means to YOU. We consider consistency and intensity in exercise – and which amongst them matters more.


Is fitness training alone a path to wellness?

We also think about whether training alone is a road to wellness, or whether a more holistic approach, encompassing training, recovery, nutrition and a peaceful mindset are equally needed along your journey.


How do you train to trigger lasting habits for your life? 

Hint – it’s about mastering the art of showing up. 


How do you keep the momentum alive?

We talk about how to squeeze a workout in when your day is nearly done, to keep your momentum going! Hint – find your three favorite exercises, and you can wear your PJs!   


Talk to us! How do YOU think about exercise and strength training, and where does it fit into your personal health journey?

Please, share your comments, hints, tips, and tricks for showing up, getting and staying committed, and making your life all that you want it to be - and more!

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