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About Us

SmoothiesGo is a family-run company that is based on a simple premise: When you eat well, you feel well, and when you feel well, you are empowered to be the best you can be and to feel great about who you are. Providing totally healthy, nutrient-rich, 100% natural superfood smoothies and oats delivered directly to your home or workplace, SmoothiesGo is designed to help you create and maintain the life you want to lead.

Realistically, we’re all looking for the same things: a sense of strength, joy, calm, power… and the pride and bliss that come from taking good care of ourselves.

For SmoothiesGo founders Andrea Chamandy and Andrew Battah and their young family, smoothies became part of the answer. They needed to find a way to take control of their busy lives, but when Andrea found herself facing a prolonged (but successful!) battle against breast cancer, it became really important to ensure she was getting the best nutrition possible during her chemo and subsequent recovery. And the couple needed to make sure their energetic growing boys ate well too, despite sometimes picky palates. Healthful, nutrient-packed, made-from-home smoothies became a staple that helped ensure proper nutrition. But even so, there wasn’t always the time to shop, wash, chop, measure, and combine smoothie blend ingredients.

Enter SmoothiesGo

Their family needed pre-measured, pre-packaged, 100% natural smoothies stored in the freezer and ready to blend at a moment’s notice – so they started a company to provide exactly that! Andrea and Andrew truly believe in the nourishing smoothies they produce; they know first-hand how nutritious superfoods can help heal and replenish the body, and how a healthy body leads to strength and self-confidence, and ultimately to a calming sensation of love, pride, and inner peace.

SmoothiesGo is the perfect nutrition for anyone who aims to feel happy, healthy, and strong. Eat well, feel great, be your best, and love every moment of it. SmoothiesGo was created to help make it all the easier.

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