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About Us

Welcome to SmoothiesGo: Where Wellness is a Lifestyle!

At SmoothiesGo, we're more than a brand; we're a team passionate about your well-being. It all started with Andrea and Andrew, who firmly believed that proper nutrition could transform your life. Their family-driven adventure laid the groundwork for a journey focused on the amazing power of nourishment.

In 2022, Sylvie Chapdelaine and her team, took the reins of SmoothiesGo, continuing the mission set by Andrea and Andrew. With a vision deeply rooted in healthy living, Sylvie combined her brick-and-mortar store, Marché NDG, and her pilates business, Pilaflex, to bring both exercise and easy access to healthy eats to our community. Together, we're all about making good choices and staying active!

At SmoothiesGo, we're here to help you embrace a life bursting with energy and wellness. Sure, we've got those nutrient-packed, all-natural superfood smoothies and oats, but we're also your partners in creating the life you dream of. Whether you want a doorstep delivery or a quick pick up at Marché NDG, count on us for organic, wholesome goodies right when you need them.

We are thankful to Andrea and Andrew for kickstarting this nourishing journey. Their journey through tough times showed us how crucial good nutrition is for feeling great. Just like these fantastic smoothies supported them through thick and thin, our goal is to make these goodies a no-brainer for anyone seeking wellness – whether it's at home, in-store, or even through Uber Eats.

SmoothiesGo isn't just a product; it's about care, resilience, and the belief that wellness is something everyone deserves. Big thanks to Andrea and Andrew for creating these amazing goodies that form the heart of our commitment to giving everyone access to top-notch, wholesome eats.

Join us on this adventure toward feeling fantastic, where every sip of our smoothies screams, "Here's to feeling awesome!" Cheers to a lifestyle packed with nourishment, one tasty blend at a time.

Warmest Wishes,
The SmoothiesGo Crew

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