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Delivery zone: throughout Ontario and Quebec
Price: Box of 12 smoothies $90/$7.50 per smoothie
Options: 13 flavour options

“$90?!” you might be saying. I know, at first glance, compared to the Evive Smoothie, the price is double the amount. However, each smoothie  from SmoothieGo is actually two servings! You can blend a pack up and leave half in the fridge for later or do what I do and share half with my partner.  SmoothieGo is a family run business based out of Quebec where they jam pack their smoothies with nutrient dense ingredients. They fill their smoothie mix with over 7 ingredients per pack and usually include a superfood Organic Lucuma, Chia Seeds, Matcha, and more.

Their packaging is very clear as they include an image of all the ingredients that are inside – this makes it easy to pull a pack out of the freezer and being able to identify what flavour it is quickly and with ease. SmoothieGo are gluten-free and dairy-free, vegan, have no added sugar, and have no artificial colours. Check out how vibrant and lovely the smoothie looks down below.