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January 23, 2020 3 min read

From chaos and cancer to control and creating a company: The origins of SmoothiesGo

When people say life can be full of surprises, they sure aren’t kidding. Just ask Andrea Chamandy and Andrew Battah, the creators of SmoothiesGo. The young newlywed couple were in the prime of their lives when they were totally thrown for a loop: a previously undiagnosed autoimmune disease caused Andrea to suffer total liver failure. When she was just in her twenties. It’s certainly not the start most people expect to their lives – but the couple got through it, she got better, and they started a family. Things were looking up ten years and two young kids later, when life sent them reeling yet again: with an energetic pre-schooler and a newborn baby to care for, Andrea learned she had an aggressive form of breast cancer. Her life and her family’s lives began to centre around chemo, radiation, and other life-saving therapies – all this while her own father was battling cancer as well. A year and a half later, she was relieved to be done with chemo and on the mend, but she found herself 40 lbs. heavier than before her diagnosis. She was desperate to regain some sense of control.

So regain control is exactly what she did. She focussed on nutrition and exercise, and committed herself 100%. Going to the gym led to cycling, which then led to triathlons, which eventually led to half-ironman competitions. And her motivation to eat well went far beyond wanting to just lose those few extra pounds: she felt an intense need to rid her body of all the chemicals that had had to be pumped through her to fight her disease.

Today, just a few short years later, the lean, dynamic, exuberant mother of two credits drinking smoothies with helping her get her health back. Experimenting at home, she made them with fruits, vegetables, nuts, and known superfoods, ensuring they were entirely natural and wholly nutritious, with no preservatives whatsoever. She found they tasted great and provided the boost she needed both to feel better and to keep moving forward with her training. And as an extra bonus, her entire family loved them too – including her kids, who could sometimes be picky eaters.

Once Andrea had fully recovered and was ready to go back to work, it coincided with Andrew being ready for a career change. They decided they wanted to work together, on something enjoyable that they really believed in – something that could really help people.

After seeing how smoothies had helped Andrea regain her health and her self-confidence, they knew the direction the wanted to take: they would make smoothies!

And so SmoothiesGo was born. Andrea and Andrew focus on providing ideal nutrition so everyone can fuel themselves and feel great inside and out. They  created their company to provide delicious, nutritious, superfood smoothies that are full of vitamins, minerals, fibre, protein, healthy fats, complex carbs, nuts, seeds, and superfoods, with no chemicals whatsoever, no added colouring, no added flavouring… no added anything. Andrea and Andrew even make their own coconut milk! They flash-freeze ingredients at the peak of their freshness, package the blends in pre-measured kits, and up the convenience factor even more by having their smoothies delivered directly to clients’ homes and businesses. Their aim is to make health and happiness as easy as possible, to help others feel great inside and out, the way Andrea had when she most needed it.

As Andrea and Andrew know better than most, the proof is in the… well, smoothie. Everyone can eat well, feel well, be more energized, and live life to the fullest. They created SmoothiesGo to spread the word, so everyone can live their best life. Just like Andrea and Andrew do.

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