There is nothing I love more than a company that has a great product, foundation for health and wellness and a great story. When I first started writing about companies on my blog it was always about “the story”. I didn’t have as strong of a common message as health, so with happiness being the underlying tone to the content I focused on who was behind every brand and how it brought the world to a better reality. After all, changing anything on a bigger scale comes from the route of where it all started, that one person’s story.

It brings me so much joy to share about a brand I discovered not too long ago from Montreal called SmoothiesGo. The smoothie brand is a family run business that has grown very quickly in the past year. They provide their customers with pre packaged, chopped, sized and measured smoothies ready to add water and blend. When you open up the frozen smoothie packaged you notice right away that there are real, full whole ingredients (the same you would add if you were making them at home). The difference being that you now have them measured and prepared to be just the right taste. All you have to do is add water, almond milk or coconut water and blend. I love to add in a scoop of protein powder if it’s a full meal. I can blend it up and prepare everything before the gym and take it with me.

SmoothiesGo is built off the premise that “when you eat well, you feel well, and when you feel well, you are empower to be the best you can be and to feel great about who you are.” I totally align with this. Its how I have redesigned my life to be about change, personal growth and health. I know first hand it can and will change your life for the better. SmoothiesGo is made of 100% natural superfoods and they are delivered directly to your home or workplace. How easy is that? The stress of knowing what is in your food is more damaging sometimes than eating something that may not be best for you. The smoothies are vegan and have no added sugar. Totally my jam.

Founders Andrea Chamandy and her husband Andrew Battah started SmoothiesGo while Andrea found herself battle breast cancer. It was so important to her to eat and nourish her body with power and health during her treatments. As they faced the most fearful moments of their life, something beautiful was born... a story & a company that would go on to help other's lives the same way nourishment and health did for them. The two also had young children at home during the battle and having easy healthy alternatives was what they needed to feed their family and have peace of mind doing so.

Check out the website HERE to pick and order your own box of smoothies to your home. You can do a one time subscription or a regular delivery service to make your life easiest for yourself and your family. My favourite smoothies are LOVE & POWER.


Blog written by The Fit Fatale