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June 30, 2017 1 min read

TASTES GREAT: Our recipes have been perfected to create the very best tasting smoothies and oat bowls. You might find some of our combinations of ingredients surprising, and so they may be a bit different from what you might think to make for yourself, but so much the better! They each taste fantastic and they’re all amazing for your health!

IDEAL NUTRITION: All of our smoothies and oat bowls are dietician approved. We’ve teamed up with Montreal nutritionist Racha Najmeh, who helps us make sure that each smoothie and oat bowl is as good for you as possible, with the ideal quantity, type, and combination of ingredients.

SAVES TIME: We save you precious time by doing all the work for you. No more buying ingredients, prepping, chopping, slicing, grating, or cleaning up. You can just make your superfood smoothie or oat bowl – it only takes a minute!

SAVES MONEY: Have you ever planned to make smoothies or oat bowls, only to find your ingredients had gone bad before you got to use them? Never spend money on wasted smoothie ingredients again. Our ingredients are snap-frozen when they’re perfectly ripe and at their tastiest – so they *stay* perfectly ripe and at their tastiest. And we buy our ingredients straight from the source, so you get the very best food at the very best price.  

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