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Sherry Vinegar by Favuzzi 250ml



With its 80 distinct aromatic compounds, sherry vinegar exudes complex burnt caramel and hazelnut flavours. Bright and balanced, it features exceptional aromatic notes a cider or rice vinegar could never imitate.


Ideal in vinaigrettes and perfect to enhance gazpacho. Drizzle it over battered fish appetizers, Spanish style, for a fresher, less oily taste. You can also add a few drops as a finishing touch, as you would use lemon zest or fish sauce. It combines well with other vinegars or with lemon juice in salad dressings. Add it to chimichurri and serve alongside steak, or substitute it for cider vinegar in any marinade recipe.

Distinctives attributes

Sherry vinegar aged 5 years in American oak casks, following the traditional "criaderas y soleras" method. Designed in the Iberian Peninsula, this method consists of blending vinegars of various ages to obtain over time a final product with complex aromatic notes. Produced in compliance with the strict rules determining the protected designation of origin (PDO). Sherry vinegars bearing the PDO seal must be crafted from sherry made with one of three grape varietals grown in Andalusia and be aged for at least 6 months in American oak casks.


Jerez de la Frontera, Andalusia, Spain.


Sherry vinegar.

Contains: Sulfites.

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