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Mustard and Lager BBQ Sauce by NEAL Brothers 350 ml

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This is what happens when beer and BBQ sauce dream.

Extraordinary Taste. Simple Ingredients. So Good Together.


Sugars (evaporated cane sugar, blackstrap molasses, glucose, tamarind, sugar), Prepared mustard (white vinegar, water, mustard seed, salt, turmeric, paprika, natural flavour, spices, garlic powder), Water, White vinegar, Tomato paste, Sea salt, Corn starch, 0.45% alcohol lager beer, Garlic & onion powder, Malted barley vinegar, Natural flavours, Spices, Smoke flavour, Onions, Spice extracts, Salt, Garlic, Dextrin, Celery seed, Citric acid, Tomato powder. Contains: Mustard, Barley.

Attributes + Claims

Peanut Free, Suitable for Plant-Based diets.

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