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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Muelolivia, 500ml

This organic olive oil from Mueloliva is produced from two varieties of ripe olives: Picual and Hojiblanca. Both typical Spanish olive varieties have a high content of (monounsaturated) oleic acids, which makes the olive oil more resistant to higher temperatures. Picual olives also have a spicy flavour and a varied herbal aroma.

Spanish olive oil is characterized by its golden yellow color, with a fruity and nutty taste. A subtle hint of spiciness completes the sunny, Spanish flavour palette. Mueloliva extra virgin olive oil is cold-pressed with care for every detail of the process. The olive harvest in Spain begins in mid-December, when the fruits begin to change colour and there is a mixture of black and green olives.

Mueloliva olive oil extra virgin is perfect for daily use in the kitchen. It can be used for cold dishes as well as salads and gazpachos as well as hot dishes such as pasta, soup, meat, and stews.

  • High-quality olive oil from Picual and Hojiblanca olives
  • Maximum 0.7% acidity
  • Special extraction method without heat
  • Slightly fruity with a hint of spiciness
  • 100% organic, in glass bottle

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