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Organic Yerba Mate Energy Infusion - Lemon Original by Mateína, 355 mL

Our Lemon Original brewed Yerba Mate has a lemony & delicious flavour reminiscent of a half-and-half iced tea with an added hint of yerba mate that creates a unique taste.
Contains 130mg of natural caffeine from Yerba Mate

Lemon Original 🍋

Lemon Original, one of our first flavour that has become a classic since our very beginning. If you love iced tea not too sweet, this is for you! All the benefits and balanced energy of Yerba Mate in a refreshing, non-sparkling, and lightly sweetened ready-to-drink.

To prepare this liquid goodness, we keep it simple! We infuse the best organic yerba mate leaves, add nothing but legit ingredients and a pinch of organic cane sugar to balance everything.

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