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Lemon Wakewater, 4 cans 355ml

Sugar and sweetener free caffeinated sparkling water. Flavoured naturally, WakeWater Lemon is a refreshing beverage that provides clean energy to help you power through the day. With 85mg of green tea caffeine, it is equivalent to an 8oz small cup of coffee.


Natural Green Tea Caffeine

85 mg of green tea caffeine per can

Made in Canada

L-Theanine (Natural Amino Acid From Tea)

ZERO Sugar and Sweetener

Iconic Brewing Company, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, was founded in 2013 by a pair of Dalhousie University graduates, Cameron McDonald and Daniel Bartek. With brands such as Cottage Springs Vodka Soda and Liberty Village Dry Cider, Iconic Brewing Company has quickly emerged as a leader in Canada's "Better For You" beverage alcohol space. Iconic Brewing has leveraged this success to launch WakeWater, a naturally caffeinated sparkling water. WakeWater is built on the same values of creating "Better For You" beverages that are built for health-conscious, on the go consumers.

The concept of WakeWater came to life in our own office. The liquid was created solely for the purpose of providing our employees with an alternative source of caffeine in a format that blended well with our on the go lifestyles. We knew we had an amazing liquid, but after bringing WakeWater to meetings and events, we were met with extremely positive feedback. After receiving an incredible amount of demand for the product, we knew it was time to bring WakeWater out of the office and into the market.

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