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Italian Peeled Tomatoes Favuzzi 796ml




Bright red and packed in a velvety coulis (twice as thick as commercial canned tomato brands), our tomatoes have a firm flesh and are low in sodium to let their delicious taste fully shine.


This must-have product, which should be in your pantry at all times, can be used as an ingredient in many recipes: tomato sauce, ratatouille, chili, osso buco, ketchup, chutney, etc. Our whole peeled tomatoes will also add flavour to your soups and beef stews.

Distinctives attributes

Our tomatoes are peeled and canned within two hours of harvesting to preserve all their nutritional properties and good taste until the moment you use them. A censor is able to select only the tomatoes whose shape and colour are ideal for canning. 


Our tomatoes are produced by four families of Italian growers, whose business in among the few who control each production step, from harvesting to processing and canning. Their manner of proceeding, with no intermediaries, ensures unmatched efficiency and quality.


Foggia, Apulia, Italy.

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