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7 Grain Multigrain Loaf by Inewa, 500 g Delivered Fresh Fridays ( otherwise delivered frozen)

A traditional taste and a source of omega-3.

This very popular bread contains 7 different cereals: wheat, flax, sunflower, rye, sesame, oats, and barley. This variety provides a broader spectrum of nutritional values. Its airy texture and taste are well appreciated. In addition, it is a source of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid (alpha linoleic acid), an antioxidant essential for cardiovascular health.
Flaxseeds are sprouted in our poolish before cooking. Thus the omega-3 fatty acid becomes available for human digestion even if the seed is not crushed during chewing; otherwise the flaxseed goes straight ahead along with its nutritional benefits. Grinding the seed before cooking will oxidize the omega-3 and also lose its nutritional benefits. So this bread is truly a source of omega-3 unlike most other breads that boast about it.


whole wheat poolish* (whole wheat flour*, water, yeast), unbleached wheat flour*, water, whole wheat flour*, sprouted flax seeds*, cracked rye*, sunflower seeds*, sesame seeds roasted*, sea salt, oat flakes*, wheat flakes*, rye flakes*, barley flakes*, sunflower oil*, fresh yeast, barley malt, ascorbic acid (vitamin c).

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