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Cystitis by Homeocan 30 ml H6

H6 Cystitis to relieve burning pain and heaviness

H6 Cystitis is recommended for the relief of burning pain upon urination and the inflammation associated with cystitis. Cystitis is the most common urinary tract infection that primarily affects women. It is characterized by pain, urinary burning, a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen and frequent urination. The burning sensation experienced during urination can be attributed to a urinary tract infection, more precisely of the bladder or urethra. Pains are concentrated in the lower abdomen and usually appear before, during or after urination. It helps effectively relieve symptoms: – Pain – Urinary Burning pain – Inflammation Format : bottle of 30 ml with dropper. We advise you to take these remedies in addition to a traditional medical treatment. Homeopathy can not replace a treatment prescribed by a professional.

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