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Fregola by Favuzzi 500g

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Fregola has very ancient origins, dating back millennia, and is intimately linked to the island of Sardinia in Italy. It is often compared to couscous, the only difference being that the latter is steamed and the fregola is cooked in water. It is one of the most important symbols of island tradition. Its rough texture and consistency suit to various types of sauces and dishes, which vary from one region of the island to another. 


The most famous Sardinian recipe made with this type of pasta is Fregola with clams (Fregola alle vongole), an excellent and typical first course, especially in southern Sardinia. Throughout Sardinia, it is customary to coat Fregola with tomato or white, fish-based sauces.

The Sardinian Fregola lends itself to many different dishes, such as Fregola with seafood or others of poorer origin, like Fregula incasada — a first course with simple ingredients: parsley, tomato, sometimes saffron, and lots of grated pecorino cheese.

It can also be cooked with broth, like a risotto, or used in soups.

Distinctives attributes

The difference is obvious when our product is compared to mass produced pasta, extruded in Teflon casts: they are shiny and smooth, which means the sauce can't coat the pasta and ends up at the bottom of the plate instead.

Our pasta is produced in one of Italy's purest, most pollutant-free areas: the mountains of the Antola natural reserve. It is made with spring water that also comes from the reserve and glyphosate-free Italian durum wheat semolina of the highest quality.


The Minaglia brothers have been making artisanal pasta for over 30 years in their hometown of Montoggio, located in the Apennine mountains near Genoa, Italy, a remarkably beautiful region just a short distance from the Antola nature park. Using only their artisanal expertise and guaranteed 100% Italian ingredients, such as pure spring water and locally grown durum wheat semolina, Paolo and Francesco strive to preserve the centuries-old regional tradition of extruding pasta in bronze casts. They are ranked among the world's top specialty Ligurian pasta makers, earning international accolades with their delicious, unparalleled products.


Montoggio, Liguria, Italy.


Durum wheat semolina.


The Minaglia brothers have been making artisan pasta for over 30 years from their hometown of Montoggio, in the Appennine mountains near Genoa, Italy: An area of outstanding natural beauty in the Antola Natural Park. Using only artisan techniques and 100% certified Italian ingredients, from pure spring water and locally grown Organic Durum Wheat Semolina, Paolo and Francesco strive to maintain the centuries-old tradition of bronze-extruded pasta making in the region. They have grown to become leading producers of Ligurian specialty pasta the world-over, winning international accolades for their delicious and unique products.

More specifically, the unique shapes of Pasta di Liguria depict the centuries-old culinary traditions of one of Italy’s healthiest local cuisines and most beautiful coastal regions. 

Liguria, one of the smallest and uncontaminated Italian regions is a landscape characterized by two contrasting factors: the coastal area - MARE , and the inland mountain range - MONTI. With extreme differences in climate and way of life, each area has developed its own distinctive cuisine based on the local know-how and ingredients, reflecting to this day the wonderful spectrum of dishes that make Ligurian Cuisine so varied and unique as well as being one of the healthiest and balanced regional diets in the Mediterranean. Pure, nourishing dishes that reflect the deep link between the land and its people.

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