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Organic White Rice Flour- GF by Tootsi, bulk

 Tootsi’s Organic White Rice Flour is milled whole grain, white rice. Fine in consistency, white rice flour is mild and neutral in flavor. White rice flour is lighter, more delicate than wheat flour. It is important to note that since rice flour does not contain gluten, it is not suitable for making bread or other yeast-related goods unless it is mixed with wheat flour. White rice flour is ideal for thickening soups, used as a coating for frying, and for adding lightness and airiness to baked goods.

-          Certified organic
-          Certified kosher
-          Certified gluten-free and wheat-free
-          Certified vegan
-          Made from whole grain white rice
-          Excellent source of complex carbohydrates and protein
-          Low-fat, no added preservatives, leavening agents, sugar, or salt

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