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USB Essential Oil Diffuser Nomad 5 Refill Pads by Essencia


Nomad USB Essential Oil Diffuser, to enjoy Aromatherapy in all circumstances

This USB Essential Oil Diffuser is ultra light and practical. It will allow you to fully enjoy all the benefits of Aromatherapy at any time of the day. Simply plug it into the USB port of your computer, TV, car, electrical outlet and many others to benefit from the therapeutic virtues of Essential Oils or the intoxicating scents of Fragrances. – Essential Oils Some Essential Oils can be diffused, so that their natural properties are spread in the atmosphere of your home. So every members family can benefit its. It is the combination of good and natural odors and their respective virtues that makes it a recommended use. (See posology of each oil to ensure good practices) – Fragrances To simply make the ambiance of your home scented and hide bad smells. 5 refills included. Exist in white and black colour

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