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Fine Frangrance N 13 Blue Ocean by Essencia 15ml


N°13 Blue Ocean, for a marine perfume with revitalizing strength

The Fragrance N°13 Blue Ocean from Essencia line, emanates a perfume with lively and charged aroma of the ocean in motion on a slightly floral background. It is characterized by a floral and aquatic flavor. This product evokes marine olfactory notes that will bring vitality and vivacity to your daily life.

Format: Bottle of 15 ml

Ideas – Suggested Uses Create a scented atmosphere, and why not homemade candles? Cleanse and refresh the air pleasantly, nothing like traditional potpourri! Keep a pleasant and healthy atmosphere, focus on the aroma diffuser! The fragrances we offer are concentrated fragrances of cosmetic quality. These fragrances can be used on the skin, on condition of being well diluted beforehand in vegetable oil, a lotion, etc. (see Posology tab).

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