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Espelette Pepper by Favuzzi 40g

Espelette pepper provides the flavour and warmth of a hot chili, without the spice. It is ranked a 4 on the Scoville scale, no hotter than black pepper. It has an orangy-red colour.


Used as a finishing touch from appetizers to desserts, it adds a pleasant warmth and a fruity, distinctively smoky note, in addition to a lovely orangy-red colour.

Distinctives attributes

Before being crushed into powder, Espelette pepper is predried on mesh tables for at least 15 days. After their stems are removed by hand, the peppers are oven-dried, then processed into powder. Commercialization depends on an agreement delivered for each batch. Our Espelette pepper is the only one produced according to the IFS* criteria from start to finish. The territory approved for PDO certification includes ten municipalities around the town of Espelette, and enjoys a subtropical microclimate characterized by abundant rains, mild temperatures and southerly winds.


Based in the Basque Country town of Espelette, this French family business headed by Jean Michel Sabarots and his daughter produces the famous Espelette pepper. The artisans have mastered for generations the secrets behind the production of this quality product protected by a designation of origin and are true experts when it comes to this iconic French spice, used in Basque cooking for 500 years.


Espelette, Basque Country, France.


Espelette pepper.

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