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Unscented Country Soap by Driftwood naturals, 120g

Stain remover, all-purpose soap for laundry. Removes stubborn stains of grease, wine, grass, tomatoes, etc.. Antimicrobial, antibacterial with the addition of rosemary extract. Not recommended for body use.

120 g 

Ingredients: Virgin Coconut Oil (Organic), Distilled Water, Castor Oil (Organic), Baking Powder USP, Rosemary Extract.

For new stains: wet soap bar and apply to dry garment where stain appears. Ensure coverage of the entire stain area, re-wetting bar in the process, if need be. Scrub the affected with the garment itself, in order to work the soap into the stain. Launder as usual.
To ensure most effective results, apply stain removal soap to garment as soon as stain appears.

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