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Frozen Bleufin Tuna fillet ~ 200g by La Mer

Bluefin tuna is the tuna species most prized by chefs for its texture, taste and high fat contentReserve your portion of Bluefin tuna, in the desired cut. We will cut a nice portion of about 200 gr in the freshly arrived tuna, either a steak or saku cut (Japanese style block cut). Our bluefin tuna is a wild caught fish which is then ranche for several months in Baja California, Mexico to fatten and reach market size.


Respect for the environment, the oceans, and human beings is important to us. La Mer is therefore committed to a responsible sourcing policy for fish and seafood. Sustainable fishing products represent an increasing part of our offer, and we aim to have 100% of our products come from responsible fishing practices.

La Mer showcases products from Quebec and Canada. Local sourcing is an important aspect of the responsible provenance of our products. We prioritize Quebec's suppliers as much as possible, because our province has an immense wealth of fish and seafood to discover.

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