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Chai Latte Syrup by Say When Brewers,

The full-bodied flavor of Say When Chai is a result of using whole spices, purified water and organic teas with no additives or preservatives. Based on a traditional recipe from Pakistan's famed...

Just Say When, formerly known as "The Chai Company," is a large chai brewer in British Columbia, Canada. They began with an authentic, time-honored recipe from the famed Karakorum region of Pakistan and use only whole spices, organic tea, and organic cane juice, with no additives or preservatives. Say When then also add a hint of vanilla and molassess, creating an interesting yet mellow, sweet-spice balance. Their slow brewing method goes hand in hand with the priciples of slow food -- slowing down to truly rediscover taste. Additionally, Say When uses Fair Trade Certified and Organic ingredients. *Note: Several of Say When's chai concentrates are a more concentrated 1:3 ratio ("super concentrates") rather than the standard 1:1 ratio of typica liquid chai concentrate. If, however, you prefer to not use so much milk (or milk substitute), you can simply substitute some water for a portion of the milk. Also, note that some products are 1:1 ratio.

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