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Privacy Policy

NATURELLO FOODS INC., owner of the registered trade-mark SMOOTHIESGO and commonly known as SMOOTHIESGO, is committed to protecting and respecting your rights to privacy. We accept that the personal information that you supply to SMOOTHIESGO in association with SMOOTHIESGO’s webpage is personal and as a result we undertake to protect the personal information to the extent reasonably possible.

By using our web site you are consenting to SMOOTHIESGO obtaining and using the personal information that you provide but only within the context of our commitment to you. By giving us reasonable notice you may at any time revoke your consent, and upon receiving such a notice SMOOTHIESGO will use reasonable means to cease the use of your personal information.

We suggest that you periodically visit our webpage where any changes that SMOOTHIESGO may from time to time make will be indicated. If you wish to withdraw or modify your consent to the use of your personal information, you must send your request to SMOOTHIESGO at INFO@SMOOTHIESGO.COM.


Anyone may view SMOOTHIESGO’s webpage without any personal information. SMOOTHIESGO seeks your personal information for the following reasons:

To process the sale of products to you;

To allow SMOOTHIESGO to determine your preferences and to anticipate your future requirements;

To strengthen our relationship with you by relating to your inquiries and comments;

To inform you of promotions and activities by SMOOTHIESGO;

To allow SMOOTHIESGO to respond to your requests for information. 


Depending on how and for what purposes you may be using our webpage, the type of information that SMOOTHIESGO may request includes your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, credit card information, your preferences for styles, etc.


Except for the reasons herein stated, without your consent SMOOTHIESGO will not sell, disclose or otherwise divulge the information that you provide. The information will be used or shared with SMOOTHIESGO’s administrative service provider so as to serve you better. SMOOTHIESGO may share your information with the credit service provider in order to process your purchase, and may share your information in response to a demand from a government authority when that is legally required or when the law obliges otherwise.

SMOOTHIESGO recognizes that it has a responsibility to ensure that the personal information that you furnish is protected. Your personal information will be password protected and will be stored in state of the art systems. Since no system is absolutely secure or effective, in the event of any breach of our security system we will inform you of this.


You have the right to inquire as to the personal information that you have provided. If you would like to review the information that you have provided, you should send us a written request at SERVICE@SMOOTHIESGO.COM

SMOOTHIESGO reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee for providing you access to the information.



Computers store information on record keeping files called “cookies” which contain no personal information but rather statistical information as to when and how often you have accessed SMOOTHIESGO’s webpage.

You can cause your computer to inform you whenever a cookie is being sent to you or you can block cookies moving through your web browser. By blocking receipt of cookies, some features of the webpage may not function and your choice of some of your options may be reduced.


If you wish to inquire about any aspect of our Privacy Policy, you can reach SMOOTHIESGO at SERVICE@SMOOTHIESGO.COM

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