How Marché Works

SmoothiesGo brings you fruits and vegetables available for weekly pickup in Montreal, or delivery to a growing number of neighborhoods.  These fruits and veggies are at peak freshness, and have never even been in a grocery store: we bring them straight from the source to your door, the very same day. 


Special notes:
  • Your round trip box is washed in our commercial dishwasher before we pack your order - it is clean!
  • Please be sure to leave your roundtrip box outside your door the following week so we can collect it when we deliver your next order.
  • If a fruit or vegetable should be unavailable, or if we find that the quality isn’t what we’d like, we will omit those items from your order, and we will not charge you.
Also, we want you to know that we donate all our excess food to Share the Warmth.

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