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December 02, 2019 1 min read

Bliss and Cheer are delicious with water but work really well with milk too. Blending with milk makes smoothies even richer and creamier, and boosts their protein content by about an extra 10 grams.

Hope and Love are really tasty with milk – and all the healthier. Blending Hope with milk brings the smoothie up to 20g of protein, and blending Love with milk brings the smoothie up to 16g of protein, which makes them both great post-workout drinks. And for anyone who doesn’t drink milk, coconut milk is also a great option.

Peace is also a great choice to blend with milk: you get 18 grams of protein, and it tastes creamy and delicious. This flavor is also really filling with just water since its ingredients include oats.

Passion is perfect with water, but if you want to treat yourself to a few extra carbs, it tastes fantastic with orange juice (store-bought or freshly squeezed for the extra vitamins). Also particularly good when blended with juice is Strength: it’s loaded with greens and healthy fats from avocado, and it makes a surprisingly filling "extreme green" treat!!

For Glow and Joy, we recommend blending with water or, for a special treat, orange juice. Since these smoothies are quite citrusy, they may be less suited to blending with milk or milk substitutes.

All of our smoothies are delicious blended just with water, but you can choose any liquid to give your smoothie the flavor, texture, and nutrients you prefer.

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