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December 02, 2019 1 min read

All of our smoothies are created with healthy eating and living in mind. Each one is designed to have quite a low glycemic load: any sugars in our smoothies are from real fruits or vegetables in their natural form; there’s no added sugar at all. And since SmoothiesGo smoothies are made from whole foods with all of their natural fiber — along with healthy and filling fats from things like nuts, seeds, and avocado — the sugar from the fruit and vegetables is digested slowly, which minimizes the impact on your blood sugar levels all the more.

The following smoothies are GREAT for weight loss and management:

Love: 260 cal, 10g healthy fat, 6g protein

Bliss: 300 cal, 18g of healthy fat, 8g of protein

Peace: 320 cal, 9g if healthy fat, 8g protein

Hope: 320 cal, 12g healthy fat, 10g protein

Cool: 340 cal, 12g of healthy fat, 6g protein

Power: 340 cal, 14g healthy fat, 10g protein

Calm: 440 cal, 32g healthy fat, 18g protein

You can give any of our smoothies a 10-gram protein boost by blending them with milk. Some people add protein powder too, which is another great way to boost protein and satiety.

And our Joy, Strength, Passion, Cheer, and Glow smoothies are all ideal low-calorie, high-health pick-me-up snacks.

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