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Wild Mushroom Soup by Untamed Feast 100g

The secret to a great wild mushroom soup is great wild mushrooms. This soup mix contains a blend of hand-harvested, fire-dried wild mushrooms that are not farmed or cultivated, so they’ve got more flavour and more nutrients.

Serves 4. Ready in 16 mins.

Serve with a scrumptious loaf of fresh bread.

Just add some basic ingredients and you’ll be savouring a light yet rich tasting wild take on a traditional European soup.

Instructions on the back of the package.


Mushrooms including but not limited to shiitake, oyster, boletes, chanterelle, matsutake, wild mushroom powder, sea salt, onion, wild stinging nettle leaf, parsley, garlic, white pepper, bay leaf.

Recipe Idea and How to Prep in the Video! Check it out!

Gluten Free

Vegetarians and Vegan Friendly

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