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Texan Steakhouse Rub Shaker by Cape Herb & Spice


Use to generously season a nicely oiled cut of steak roughly 30 minutes prior to cooking. Keep it close and top up on flavour during the cooking process. Poultry and seafood taste just as good when prepared in this way…a classic blend of sweet and spicy steakhouse flavour notes.

A vibrant blend of cultures and flavors – from the tip of Africa to the tip of the tongue!

Founded in 1994, Cape Herb & Spice started as an entrepreneurial endeavor and now forms part of the Libstar family of companies.  They are based in Cape Town, a vibrant and cosmopolitan city situated at the tip of Africa. Their location is significantly situated along the West-African trading route explored by sailors in the 1400s. The Dutch East India Company, a dominant force in the spice trade, went on to establish a settlement in Cape Town in the mid 1600s, which acted as a midway point for their exchange with Asia. This mix of European, African, and Asian cultures has given the city a rich culinary heritage, and it's against this background that Cape Herb & Spice was formed.


Their products are FREE FROM artificial flavors and colors, added MSG and preservatives - and they are non-irradiated, non-GMO, Halaal and suitable for vegans

Over 80% of their herbs and spices are procured from source and aimed at growing sustainable farming practices.

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