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Magnesium 250 mg Relaxation Blend by Sisu, 133g

Magnesium bisglycinate/citrate, with GABA and L-Theanine

Relief When You Need It; Temporarily promotes relaxation, helps ease some of the negative effects of stress and improves sleep quality.

Essential Self-Care Supplement; While exercise, a proper diet, and meditation can help minimize stress levels, certain key supplements like magnesium should not be overlooked in any daily self-care routine.

Overall Health Support; Magnesium is an important mineral that not only protects your heart and arteries, it also works to naturally calm your muscular and nervous systems.

Restorative Qualities; This blend also provides the restorative qualities of GABA which has been shown in studies to safely and gently alleviate the adverse effects of stress such as restlessness and trouble sleeping.

Fast-Acting & Delicious; An easy-to-mix powder available in great-tasting raspberry-lemonade and honey grapefruit flavours that are lightly sweetened with stevia and non-GMO fructose

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