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Reset Juice Cleanse by Velish

Reset Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse by Velish

Revive your system with a 1 to 5 Day Reset Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse!

This cleanse is a gentle approach to detoxing your body. 

Your daily package includes a variety of Velish's most delicious, easy-to-drink formulations, and it is designed to keep your appetite in check throughout the day!

Each day you will drink six juices: 

  • Wake up with a Very Vert
  • Have a mid-morning pick-me-up with Lemon Drop
  • Have a Sunrise for lunch!!
  • Have a Beetiful as a mid-afternoon snack
  • Dinner is a Tummy Tuck
  • And last but not least, Evening Snack is a Green Glory.

Just select the number of days you want to cleanse for, and we will send you the right number of juices for each day!

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