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Organic Creamed Canada No. 1 Raw White Honey by Elias 375g

eliAs oRgaNic Honey

Elias Organic is delicate, versatile and less sweet-tasting than some honeys, with a creamy, fluffy cool sensation that melts in your mouth. Raw and creamed to retain all of its subtle flavours, natural aromas, health benefits, and a delightful texture that won’t crystallize over time. You could use it in a recipe, but this one is so good, we love to eat it by the spoonful!

Best of all you can rest assured that our Pro-Cert Certified Elias Organic honey is as pure and perfect as possible—just the way nature intended.

GOURMet honeYs

Think all honey tastes alike? Think again!

Different blossoms produce wildly different tasting honeys in a range of colours from light gold to amber and dark brown.

At Elias, we offer a truly unique line of gourmet honeys produced from a variety of blossoms, all with their own distinct character and flavours.

These honeys may not necessarily taste the way you think—each jar will offer a surprising range of aromatics and flavours from fruity, floral and herbaceous, to woody and spicy.

Sample them all, then get creative with how you harness these different varieties!


Our Story – Pure, PRemiUm Canadian nAtUral And Raw Honey

The story of Elias Honey all began with a small pot of creamed honey, sent in a care package from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to a young Dietrich Elias in Western Europe in the late 1940s.

Displaced by the ravages of the Second World War, this sweet treat from Canada helped ease the daily hardship for young Dietrich and the Elias family.

A decade later, Dietrich and his family resettled in Canada, where he became a high school teacher in Prince George, British Columbia. With that first pot of Canadian honey still on his mind, he was introduced to beekeeping in 1970 and it quickly became a dear passion of his.

Dietrich started Elias Apiaries in 1972 and launched Elias Honey’s first flagship product shortly thereafter: a sweet, balanced honey made from fireweed and other blossoms native to the Prince George area. After many rounds of free sampling and rigorous taste-testing with family and friends, Elias Honey had its retail debut on the Food Floor of the then prestigious Woodwards Store in Prince George. Once word spread about Elias Honey, the store simply couldn’t keep up with the demand!

Full of energy, passion and on a mission to bring 100% pure Canadian honey to every household nationwide, Dietrich’s son, Torben, later joined his father in the business and started fulfilling orders from all around the province. Now you can find Elias and Elias Gourmet everywhere in Canada from Prince Rupert, British Columbia to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Today we continue Elias’ tradition of bringing high-quality, apiary-fresh honey to Canadians everywhere — because honey is our passion and we love what we do.

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