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Mandy's Tamari Dressing 250ml


Mandy’s is known for its fresh, unique, and internationally inspired dressings. These recipes have been tried, tested and true by the Mandy’s family for the last fifteen years. Our novel approach to dressings elevates any salad, even those made at home!

Our tamari dressing is adored by all that come to our restaurant. Its taste is unique and unparalleled. Creamy perfection with a nutty and tangy flavor that combines well with all salads.


Canola oil, apple cider vinegar, nutritional yeast, tamari sauce (water, soybean, salt, sugar) garlic, xanthan gum.

Contains sesame


With no prior food, business, marketing or advertising experience, the sisters played their strengths: Mandy came up with an original menu while Rebecca designed the interior of the restaurant. They crossed their fingers and opened the doors…..

Against all odds it worked! The people had spoken! Gourmet salads were what they wanted. The sisters could hardly keep up with the demand as word caught on and the Mandys salad-loving family grew.

Today, Mandy’s has 7 locations in Montreal, a food truck, and more on the way- locally and internationally.

Mandy continues to be the Creative Food Director and Chef, while Rebecca designs all locations and heads Brand Marketing.

When they’re not making salads, they can often be found pregnant and/or raising their vegetable-loving kids in the heart of Montreal.

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