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Kamut Burger Buns by Inéwa, 500 g Delivered Fresh Fridays ( otherwise delivered frozen)

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Delivered Fresh Fridays ( otherwise delivered frozen)

Your hamburger will never have been so healthy!

This is our brioche kamut shaped like a hamburger bun and rolled in sesame seeds. It is an interesting alternative to traditional wheat hamburger buns. Its brioche texture perfectly matches the taste of ground beef. This product is an essential ingredient in luxury burgers. Just combine it with freshly ground Angus beef or big game meat as well as a slice of Swiss cheese and Dijon mustard. Yum!


unbleached kamut wheat flour*, water, kamut sourdough* (stone-ground whole kamut wheat flour*, water), sunflower oil*, cane sugar*, sesame seeds*, sea salt, fresh yeast, acid ascorbic (vitamin c).

* Kamut® is a registered trademark of Khorasan Wheat of Kamut International and is used under license.

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