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Hot Moo-usse Chocolate Powder by Silly Cow 479g


The Chocolate Mousse Hot Chocolate by Silly Cow will transport you straight into heaven! Made with natural cane sugar, Grand Cocoa, bittersweet chocolate and Dutch processed cocoa, its creamy texture is reminiscent of the rich and decadent taste of chocolate mousse. Trying it is a must!

Proudly made in Wells River, Vermont, for 28 years, Silly Cow hot chocolates are prepared with 100% natural ingredients, without GMOs, and contain no gluten, no trans fats, no salt, no corn syrup or added fructose.

Furthermore, they are fair-trade certified and guaranteed tree nut- and peanut-free.

Available in eight flavours and packaged in authentic milk containers, in the purest vintage style, Silly Cow chocolates are sure to surprise you with their variety and their natural, comforting taste.

The cocoa powder used in these delicious blends is different from those commonly found on the market since it has been treated with alkali. This method (often called Dutch-process) gives the cocoa a distinctive flavour, fuller and more complex with earthy, woodsy notes, as well as a darker colour.

Dutch processing also neutralizes the natural acidity of commercial cocoa and corrects the flavour of overly acidic beans. Finally, this process improves the solubility of cocoa powder in liquids and helps prevent contamination by bacteria.

Besides cocoa, Silly Cow chocolates also contain cane sugar and natural vanilla powder.

To make perfectly rich and smooth hot chocolate every time, place two heaping tablespoons of hot chocolate blend in a mug and slowly pour in very hot milk. Stir to dissolve and garnish with chocolate shavings or whipped cream for a delicious treat!


Natural cane sugar, Grand Cocoa, bittersweet chocolate (cocoa beans, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla beans) and Dutch processed cocoa.

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