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Ground Classico Coffee by Favuzzi 340g




Whether whole beans or ground, Favuzzi Classico coffee is perfect for espresso and all its variations: mocha, cappuccino, cortado, macchiato, etc. 

Its medium intensity makes it a versatile coffee suitable for all uses.

Ground, it is ideal for making filter coffee.

Distinctive Features

Italy, which is known for its roasting know-how, does not grow the beans. They have to import and process them, and we have to import them into Canada. This has a significant impact on the taste of the coffee, which is at its best when freshly roasted. 

That's why we've partnered with local roasters of Italian origin who have mastered the art of Italian roasting, i.e. slow roasting in small batches to eliminate acidity and enhance aromas. As we perform roasting several times a week, our coffee is always fresh and at its best. 

Slow Roasting

This type of Italian-style roasting is characterized by a longer roasting time of 18 to 20 minutes at low temperatures (190°C to 230°C [375°F to 445°F]). Slow roasting allows the beans to be roasted more evenly from the surface to the centre, like a good loaf of bread that is baked slowly to help dissipate the heat. 

Although slow roasting is not the most productive or cost-effective way to roast coffee, it provides several benefits in terms of taste: chocolate and nutty aromas, a comforting taste and a long finish in the mouth.


Our coffees are roasted by Alex Sereno and Enrico Serena, two coffee lovers... and childhood friends! Enrico is the creator, and Alex is the communicator. Together, they have won the challenge of offering a high-quality product - "Slow Roast" coffee inspired by Italian tradition - for true espresso lovers.

Over the years, their company, Barista, has created a communication and Web marketing department, the National Barista Institude, a complete range of event coffee services, a gourmet platform (On s'en food) and even a book! Today, the Montreal-based company has more than 20 employees and several hundred customers in Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia.


Roasting: Montreal, Quebec, CANADA.
Coffee beans: Ethiopia (2/3) and Indonesia (1/3).

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