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Ghee Butter by Laiterie Chagnon 200g

GHEE Butter


Ghee BUTTER is Lactose-free.

It does not darken when cooked

Clarified butter, also called ghee, is butter from which the solid elements have been removed (casein and whey) and which now contains only fat. The clarified butter found in French cuisine comes from an Indian culinary tradition, where it is called ghee. Ghee is a Hindi word that means fat. Used especially in Ayurvedic medicine, it is also a flagship ingredient of Indian cuisine. Note that other peoples use clarified butter like the Moroccans, who call it "smen".

Ghee is made from unsalted butter which is melted until the water has completely evaporated. During this process, the different components of butter separate, with fat on one side and protein and lactose residue on the other. With a spoon, these solid particles are extracted. We thus recover a yellow liquid free of its "impurities": here is the clarified butter.

When the ghee has solidified, it will keep in the refrigerator for several months. Our clarified butter, GHEE, is a cooking butter that does not darken and has a slightly nutty flavour. It is excellent for cooking meats and fish. It adds softness to pastries. 

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