Frozen Antarctic Salmon, approx. 1.25Kg avg. 1 piece, $39.77$/Kg, Sustainable. Price adjusted according to actual weight

Price will be adjusted according to actual weight

Sixty South is the first and only source of premium, sustainable salmon raised in pristine ice waters from the Antarctic.

Raised by passionate farmers willing to endure inhospitable conditions to grow the best possible salmon that has a buttery profile with nice marbling and a delicate texture.

RAISED ON NATURE'S TERMSwithout antibiotics, hormones, steroids, antifouling chemicals, and given ample unpolluted surroundings to grow healthy. It is non GMO 

Sixty South is a long distance from other salmon producers, isolated from pollution, outbreaks, and enjoying stable cold waters year-round, 1500 Km from other major producers.


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