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Fleur de Sel by Favuzzi 100g



Our fleur de sel is the perfect finishing touch for sophisticated dishes, whether salmon en papillote, lobster or stuffed zucchini flowers. It is equally good with simple fare like green salads or seasonal tomatoes. And don't forget dessert -- we're thinking caramel and brownies, of course!

Distinctives attributes

Our salt is sourced from the Trapani and Paceco nature reserve in Sicily, an area comprising nearly 1,000 hectares, home to salt flats for many centuries. Today, the salt is still harvested partly by hand, following an ancient method, and crushed using wind energy, thanks to the many windmills still standing. 


Trapani, Sicily, Italy.

History and anecdotes

Harvested by hand in traditional salt flats by the Adriatic shore, in Eastern Italy, where it forms through the combined action of the sun and the wind. Cervia fleur de sel is known for its mildness, as it has no bitter mineral taste.


Fleur de sel from Trapani (Sicily, Italy).

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