Beef Stewing Cubes Grass-Fed by Ferme D’Oree

1 lb packages

Sustainable production process

Regenerative or sustainable farmers make the following claims:

Economic Impact : We produce exquisite, high-quality products for a niche market. Customers pay a fair price. The value proposition must be balanced. Customers don't pay for our inefficiencies. The money is inserted into our community.

Environmental impact : Efficient production minimizes waste and we maximize recycled inputs. Local production and sales mean less pollution. We detail an agro-environmental plan for manure management.

Impact on animal welfare: animals can express their natural behaviours. They have plenty of space and live in a suitable environment.

Impact on climate change : more carbon sequestration thanks to intensive rotation of pastures.

Social impact : no hidden costs that have to be borne by society or future generations. Honest relationships with suppliers and employees. Family farm.

Impact on consumer health : more omega-3, more CLA. No antibiotics. No hormones. No synthetic pesticides. (We use some organic bio-pesticides on our vegetables).

Consumers and beginning farmers often believe that simple solutions like grazing or rotational grazing make all the difference.

True sustainability stems from a complex set of small, interconnected (often quite technical) actions that gradually increase efficiency and thereby reduce the ecological footprint of our operation, while preserving the other dimensions of sustainability.

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