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Valrhona Cocoa Powder

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A 100% cocoa sugar-free powder, with exceptional finesse and intense flavour for delicious chocolate drinks or for gourmet recipes.

Through his "Dutch-processed" alkalization process, we get our cocoa powder with its intense cocoa taste and colour.


100% cocoa, 0% sugar, 21% Fat Content.

No allergen declared on this product.


Valrhona, Creating Gourmet Delights Since 1922

Valrhona chocolates are the fruit of artisanal know-how carefully preserved for nearly 100 years. Albéric Guironnet founded Valrhona in 1922, in the heart of France’s Rhone Valley, guided by three core values: passion, commitment and excellence. From the beginning, Valrhona’s chocolate makers embraced these values to expand the frontiers of creativity and flavours. Every day, they strive to bring out the best in chocolate at each step of the value chain. Driven by a desire to evolve tastes, they are constantly imagining new flavours. They sample, test and blend cocoa beans of various origins to create exceptional chocolates.

It is their passion and dedication that make Valrhona a true chocolate institution. By supplying the greatest chefs and artisans, Valrhona contributes to promoting gastronomy throughout the world: their chocolates are distributed in over 16 countries.


From tempering chocolate to pralines, Valrhona offers a rich and varied flavour palette.

The company’s cocoa sourcing experts travel the tropics, from South America to Oceania, to collaborate with growing partners in over 30 terroirs located in 18 countries. Thanks to these collaborations, they are continually enriching their knowledge of cocoa and working on improving cultivation, fermentation and growing techniques.

Social responsibility and commitment

Building on years of sustainable practices, Valrhona launched its LIVE LONG program in January 2016, setting ambitious goals resting on four commitments:


Valrhona is committed to preserving cocoa with great aromatic potential and to supporting producer communities. As an example, the company invests in Cacao Forest, a project whose aim is to define the future of cocoa growing by integrating agroforestry techniques.


Since fine food is at the very heart of the company’s DNA, Valrhona partners with gastronomy professionals and helps today’s chefs, as well as up-and-coming talents, to achieve their full potential. In 2016, Valrhona’s Cité du Chocolat opened a new floor dedicated to showcasing the expertise of chocolate artisans. The pastry chefs from Valrhona’s École Gourmet also facilitate workshops and internships.


Well aware that global warming is a pressing issue, Valrhona is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. Since 2012, the company has implemented energetic performance indicators supporting goals such as decreasing waste, water use and energy consumption.


Valrhona strives to build a sustainable model with the company’s internal and external stakeholders. Since 2010, Valrhona features in the top 15 of France’s Great Place To Work© ranking of businesses counting more than 500 employees.

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